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Dog Birthday Party Ideas?

My dog's 2nd birthday is coming up fast, and we're going to through a party for him and all of his puppy friends. I'm just looking for ideas for the party. Anything helps, I'd love a recipe for a dog safe cake, but I also need ideas for activities, party favors, things to have on hand just in case, etc.

He is a chihuahua, but there will be dogs of all sizes, including huskies, pit bulls, other chihuahuas, little terriers… So, any activities should be easy for any dog to do.

Posted by Emily

Pet Birthday Party Ideas


If the festivities are for Fido or Fluffy, draw paw prints leading to your door with sidewalk chalk. Then cut pet-appropriate shapes out of poster board (bones or fire hydrants for dogs, fish or mouse shapes for cats, etc.) and hang them from the ceiling or from trees if you're having the party outside.

And don't forget to decorate the pets themselves. If your pup digs dress-up, go ahead and put on the dog with a party hat or even a tuxedo shirt or tutu. If not, give man's best friend girl's best friend, courtesy of a collar studded with diamonds (okay, rhinestones). If you're celebrating a feline, stick to the fancy collars (leopard print, perhaps?), since most kitties don't care for fashion shows.


If you're throwing a pooch party, by all means, invite your pet's canine pals as well as their owners. Just keep the guest list small and the party time to two hours so the dogs don't get too stressed with too many animals around for too long. Plus, you need to know that all the guests play well with your pet as well as other dogs, so save introducing your Rex to your new buddy's Spot for another outing. Should you invite compadres without canines? Only if they're rabid dog lovers who absolutely adore your pet.

Hold the party in your fenced-in backyard or at a nearby dog park for less muss, less fuss, but be sure to indicate an alternate date or location in case of bad weather. And keep lots of pooch poop bags on hand for any presents your pals' pets may leave behind.

If you're celebrating your kitty, limit the guests to just your family — cats prefer to keep to their own turf. Likewise if the party's for your iguana, hamster, cockatoo, clownfish or tree frog. While you and your immediate relatives are no doubt devoted to your animal pal, your human pals won't likely be as psyched about partying with your pet.


No matter what kind of pet you have, build in time for playtime. Get dogs' tails wagging with fetch or tug-of-war. If your party's in the dog days of summer, fill a kiddie pool with water and let the canine guests go for a dip. Let Kitty chase a piece of yarn or a flashlight beam in a dark room for feline fun (just expect a catnap for both of you afterward).

For a dog party, have a pet parade, particularly if the canine guests came in costume. You might also hold a talent show where old dogs show off their new tricks. If there will be kids at your dog's party, paint their faces to look like a puppy's.

If kids are attending, have them woof, meow or otherwise "sing" "Happy Birthday" to your pet in his or her own language. At parties just for your pet and your family, take time to present your pet's presents and play with them with him or her.


Keep your top dog (or cat) top of mind when planning your menu. For a pooch party, make puppy chow (or, as Chex calls them, Muddy Buddies), the snack food that looks like Purina but tastes a lot better, and serve it in small dog bowls personalized with each pup's name in paint pen so their owners can take them home later. Add hot dogs with all the fixings and a bone-shaped birthday cake and you're set for human food.

For your canine guests, offer dog biscuits and other treats from the pet store or a pet bakery. Just make sure to keep the pooch food on a separate table from the people food, since some doggie delicacies can be easily confused with human ones.

Kitty parties call for fish — fish flakes for the guest of honor and filets for the humans. You might also set out bowls of Swedish fish and Kit Kats for your people and catnip for your pet. For a purrfect kitty birthday "cake," give your cat a can-shaped helping of Fancy Feast with optional mayonnaise frosting.


For a pup party, offer people water, a Salty Dog or a Red Dog or Southpaw Light brew, making sure to stick a bottle in a doggy bag for a little hair of the dog the next day. Give the Rovers Bowser Beer, a nonalcoholic, noncarbonated beer for dogs made with malt barley and beef broth (no, we're not kidding).

For a cat party, whip up a punch bowl of Tom and Jerry, and serve water or milk flavored with chocolate malt powder or vanilla syrup. Just save the milk for the humans, not your feline, since many adult kitties are actually lactose intolerant.

As a final flourish to truly pamper your dog or cat — it is their birthday, after all — pour a Bark Vineyards' varietal (a nonalcoholic "fine wine for the canine and feline" made with meat juices) over their food. Cheers!

Pet and Owner costume ideas?

Seeing if anyone has some cute ideas for Halloween costumes for me and my puppy!

Posted by Sydni

Dog and Owner Costumes 1 Santa Claus and Reindeer: What can be more fun than dressing up for the wrong holiday? Skip the Halloween Aisle at the Hobby store and go right to the Christmas Aisle. Get yourself a Santa hat and a reindeer headband for your dog. You can add more items to the costume if you wish, but with just the hats, your neighbors will get the idea.

Dog and Owner Costumes 2 Super heroes: Dress up as your favorite superhero, and get your dog a cape. You can make the cape yourself, or purchase one online.

Dog and Owner Costumes 3 Cowboy and Indian: Let your dog be the cowboy with a bandana around his neck and a little hat. For yourself, make an Indian headband and feather, and add fringes to an oversized tan t-shirt.

Dog and Owner Costumes 4 Is your dog your baby? Put a bonnet on head and push him in a carriage. Your can wear a normal outfit or an exaggerated mommy outfit.

Dog and Owner Costumes 5 Angel and devil: you can purchase a halo and wings for your dog and horns and a pitchfork for yourself, or vice versa. You can also both wear the same costume if you wish.

Dog and Owner Costumes 6 Men and Black: You can purchase Men in Black costume for your dog online for only $20.00. It is worn on the dog's front legs and goes around his neck. From the front view, it looks just like a suit. Wear a matching black suit and sunglasses.

Dog and Owner Costumes 7 Pig and Farmer: You can dress your dog up as pig using a costume you can find online for $20.00 or less. Using a farmer hat and overalls, fashion a coordinating costume for yourself.

*Note: If you plan to take your doge Trick or Treating, you need to make sure that your dog does well in crowds, and that an adult will accompany him as all of the activity around you may require a strong hand. In addition, you do not want your child to take the dog to someone's door who may have a dog on the other side.


Pet halloween costume idea?

I want to dress up my rabbit this year for halloween n she wears a harness alot of times and liked to wear it so plz dont say that it is not good for the rabbit because she doesnt mind wearing a costume but idk wat to make her i want to make her a homemade costume any ideas?? And if u can also give me the steps n materials i will need that will be very helpful!! Thanks! :)

Posted by

Use a plastic bowl and paint it like a turtle shell, get some green hair paint and make the "hare" the "tortoise". Gotta love the irony =)

101 Funny Halloween Costumes!

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Homemade Dog Costumes Cheap

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Easy, Funny, Apropriate, HOMEMADE Halloween Costume ideas!?

Plz help!! I need an apropriate and easy costume to make!!!! And i would like it to be funny but it dosent have to be. Thank you!!!!!!

Posted by Mel R.

A Bag of Jelly Beans- Garbage bag taped with colored balloons

An I-pod- A cartboard box, paint it, add the details

Celebrity- (Not funny) But on a dress, tons of make-up, and a purse with a fake stuffed dog. Or be Pairs Hitlon!!! I guess that's funny enough. Just put on a blond wig and go like "Omg! Trick or Treat! Hurry up, I don't have all day!"

Bunch of Grapes- Blow up purple balloons, tape them all over a purple outfit. Use green felt to make a hat and stem.

Hope you have fun!

Good homemade halloween costume ideas that are easy and cheap?

Posted by Alex

Animals (cat, dog, bunny etc.) angel, cow girl, mean girls characters, cheerleader, a cute disney princess, a firewoman, cop, nurse, sailor, or buy a shirt of your fav drink and wear that, super heroes, a native girl, minnie mouse, gangnam style (write gangnam style on a shirt and make it cute and cut it and wear it with shorts) a life guard, bumblebee, lady bug.

Cheap sweet 16 ideas?

I am a girl, my birthday is in september and i have no money lol. I love disney and old rock music (beatles, the doors, etc.) and i have no idea what i want to do, it will definitely be co-ed lol and yeah, i dont have a yard so nothing like a bbq or whatever but just any cheap ideas will help :) thank youuu

Posted by Jane Doe

Well you could always go to a park to! :) and if you can ask someone in your family or maybe even ask friend if you cold do it at their house :)
if you can do the outside thing have a bonfire its warm
things you could do.
Before it gets dark play capture the flag

when night comes all you need is a fire and some smores! And a cd with good music!

the hodogs
for snacks at night or through the day
finger sandwiches. Turkey ham ect (all you do is cut it into four) easy
or that $5 5 5 pizza from dominos
pig in the blankets
cupcakes for your cake
chips and dip

if you cant do that just have a scavenger hunt
after eat some homemade chille or tacos that is super cheap!

You could have a sleep over that is always cheap and fun never a dull time.
yall could dress up as a disney theme or princesse
then have a make over
movie and popcorn
then nails? Maybe
then make some homemade cupcakes or pizza
the hodogs
for snacks at night or through the day
finger sandwiches. Turkey ham ect (all you do is cut it into four) easy
or that $5 5 5 pizza from dominos
pig in the blankets
cupcakes for your cake
chips and dip

Mexican Fiesta, pinata, tacos, salsa, posters of Mexico, Mariachi music.

Pizza party, where everyone helps make pizzas, board games, Twister, Pin the Tail on Donkey.

Blast from the Past, 50's sock hop, where every one dresses from 50's ponytails, rolled up jeans, poodle skirts, thick white socks to dance in. Play that era music, and jitterbug, stroll, and the like. Food could be hot dogs, cocoa, hamburgers and chips. Cut out cardboard jukeboxes/soda fountains, 57 Chevys, and paint for decorations.

Eighties Bash, BIG HAIR, lots of makeup, Tom Cruise look for guys, Disco balls. Subs, finger foods. Flashing lights, cocktail signs etc. Trivial Pursuit.

Favorite book characters/TV/movie characters, in costume, play games like Charades to guess character. Decorate with cardboard movie posters, homemade, or book jackets. Play music from movies/TV shows. Fonzie punch, Tool man stew, Potter potatoes, etc.

Princess type party, with formal dress for guests, floor length dresses, suits/tuxes for guys. Cake and punch, streamers, twinkle Xmas lights behind evergreen branches, and in jars/punch bowls.

Charity party, where everyone donates food to be distributed to food bank. A project can be done, either picking up trash, walking animals at shelter, visiting with elderly, helping with children at a school, hot dogs, and cokes, no decorations needed much here.

A potluck dinner, where each guest will contribute something to eat, or drink, and you supply cake/punch. Play board games, watch a movie, or dance.

Round Robin dinner, or what is now called Progressive party, where one person provides snacks, another main course, another dessert, go from each house to visit, eat, and move on.

Skating party, if you live where ice skate outdoors, bundle up and build fire, have thermoses of hot cocoa, and go back to house for chili.

Hayride/sleigh ride, depending on area, either pull with horses, or tractor. Hamburgers/soup, cake.

Come as you are party, everyone must come as they were dressed when opened invitation. Cake punch.

Don;t forget you can always ask people or if you dont want people to know just your friends to bring food :)

hope that helped :)

Some scenes from Amish country and how I make bacon

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Unique Homemade Costumes

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Halloween costume ideas?

Here's some things I wanted to be but didn't really like the idea:
Tight and bright
80's chick like katy perry in her last friday night music video
Dobby (I like this one but I don't want to be another harry potter thing cuz last year i was a hogwarts student and i was bellatrix lestrange the year before, I already have the dobby costume cuz i wore it to the midnight show of harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 and its homemade)
-A lifesized barbie doll

I want really unique Idea;s these are all the things ive been ever since I was little:
-Bellatrix Lestrange
-Hogwarts student

So think of reallycool crazy ideas that ARENT embarassing cuz imma wear it to school ;$ YES YES, I know you might be all your too old to trick or treat! But reality check?! No ones too old to trick or treat! So please help? Kthanks(;
P.S Not really wanting to be something scary… :$

Posted by

You should defiantly be Lady Gaga! Her outfits are crazy and fun without being too embarrassing. Also, everyone knows who she is.

What's an easy quick halloween costume for my dog?

She's a pomeranian/poodle, and tomorrows halloween. I'm looking for a costume that I can easily make for her… Homemade. It can be unique, common, it doesn't matter, haha. Anyways, thanks! I will pick a best answer, by the way!

Happy Halloween!

Posted by ♫ViolinBeast♫

Make her some wings to go on her back and tie them gently around her tummy/front legs with elastic.
She could be anything with wings. Bee, Fairy, Bat, Dragon… Etc.

Hey I need HALLOWEEN costume help!!?

14year old girl include pics if possible please give modest ideas HOMEMADE please!!! I would like FUN, UNIQUE, CUTE ideas please!! Something no on e has really done before or something not to many people have done thanks
What do you think of these ideas…
A fat woman with a lost dog sign and the dog in her butt crack
Miss matched wear a dress different make up,shoes,hair,and finger nail polish with a sash that says miss matched…
Which one is your favorite? Any more funny ideas.

Posted by purplemadie

Haha i just saw a pic of the dog one. You should do that one!
Answer mine please? Http://;…

Some scenes from Amish country and how I make bacon

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